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New group seeks to unite, build up Black business community


Columbus corporate leaders looking to build sustainable African-American communities


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Columbus corporate leaders looking to build sustainable African-American communities

Fostering a philanthropic collective whose interest is inextricably connected to the well-being of the Black community.

The Equity Collective fundraising and program approach is based on a strategy of Collective Community Investment. As such, our corporate and community partnerships will involve both human and capital resources. As seed monies are received and deployed, these partnerships will focus on piloting program pillars (homeownership, community empowerment, youth leadership and DE&I) within the Linden community. Upon successful qualitative and quantitative measurements, all programs will be available to scale throughout Franklin County.



To create a sustainable philanthropic platform through centralized giving ensuring resources are invested toward advancing the black community in Columbus, Ohio.

Our Mission

The Equity Collective is a collaboration led by Black philanthropists and allies in Columbus, Ohio. Working together, we are committed to the power of strategic impact by utilizing an intentional allocation process. As a result, we will deploy resources in areas with high strategic impact to enhance Black life for the most vulnerable members of our community.

The Equity Collective is a natural partner for those corporations that have aligned the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion with their overall strategy, to bring equity across the Black community.

This pooled fund will be governed by a board of directors who are invested, personally and professionally, in making the lives of Black citizens strong, safe, and prosperous in Columbus.

The development of the Equity Collective represents a collaboration with JewishColumbus who themselves have established a sustainable philanthropic fund and process for over 100 years in building a strong, safe, thriving Jewish community in Columbus.

We are stronger together.

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